Friday, October 22, 2010

Make An Effort To Encourage

People often set aside time for studying the Bible, praying, and doing other work associated with living the Christian life. Do you set aside time to encourage people? We live in a highly apathetic, trivialized, and secularized society. There isn't much appreciation for the work done by those who serve in the local church or who are involved in evangelism, prayer, or other such work elsewhere. If a hundred people benefit from the work a Christian does, often only one or two of them, or none at all, will express any appreciation. Often, people who work in Christian ministry hear more from those who disapprove of their work than they hear from those who approve of it. You should regularly make an effort to encourage people who have benefited you in some manner. That's also true of non-Christians who have helped you, but it should especially be true of other Christians. Regularly set aside time to encourage people. You'll probably do it far more often if you think of it as something you should regularly set aside time to do.


  1. Thanks, Jason. Speaking of which, your posts are often encouraging and always knowledgeable. I deeply appreciate what you do.

  2. Though not directly encouraging, does praying for people count?

  3. I encourage you, Jason, and the rest of the Triablogue writing team, to continue to write blog posts and blog comments to the ultimate glory of God.