Thursday, July 30, 2009

When Rome was built in a day

Who says Rome wasn’t built in a day? Well, if not Rome, at least the church of Rome:

On the third day, having established the truth of Christianity, we will proceed to examine the various "churches" that claim to be Christ's divinely instituted Church and to be faithful to the message of Scripture. We will show why all but one of them are not what they claim to be, despite what they may zealously believe themselves to be. We will expose the errors not only of Eastern "Orthodoxy" and the varieties of Protestantism but also several of the more popular pseudo-Christian cults such as Mormonism and the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. By way of contrast to these erroneous ideologies, we will lay out the historical and theological case for Christ's one true Church, bringing us to our third stop: the truth of Roman Catholicism (belief in the Church).

But if that were not enough, it gets even more impressive. Not only does he build the church of Rome in a day, he tears it down the very next day!

However, we live in an age of unprecedented confusion about Catholicism, due to the widespread proliferation and prevalence of various counterfeit Catholicisms and the consequent "disguised apostasy" of untold millions who still profess to be Catholic while in fact espousing an alien religion. Because of this, our journey and our goal -- to arrive at the final station at the end of the line -- is not yet completed with the mere demonstration of the truth of Catholicism.

On the fourth day therefore, having established the truth of Catholicism, we will need to examine the false faith foisted upon the world by the Masonically-planned and -engineered revolution known as the Second Vatican Council. We will expose the post-conciliar "counterfeit Catholicism" embodied in the new "mass" and new sacraments, the new catechism, and the new code of canon law, and expose the men (John XXIII through Benedict XVI) who invalidly promulgated and promoted these things as heretics who therefore could not possibly be true popes. This fourth day's talks will constitute a new, third edition of our best selling 6-CD set on "Counterfeit Catholicism," and will supersede the second edition we currently sell, which was delivered and recorded a bit over a year ago (June 28, 2008) in southern California. (The first edition was delivered on September 15, 2007 in Indianapolis.)

But even then our task is not done, since Satan easily foresaw that tradition-minded Catholics wouldn't fall for the neo-Catholicism of the last fifty years. He foresaw that he would need a snare on the "right" to spiritual seduce these folks as well. (Sacred Scripture records Our Lord warning "even the elect" about the very real possibility of being led astray by the deceptions of the last days.) The fifth day will therefore rigorously examine various "counterfeit Catholicisms of the Right," examining the origins, history,beliefs, validity and legality of such groups as the SSPX, SSPV, CMRI, MHFM, as well as various individuals.

So this is Gerry’s two-step apologetic for Roman Catholicsm. First establish that the church of Rome is the only true church in existence.

Then establish that the only true church is nonexistent as we know it today. A museum piece–like a dead religion, or the ruins of Egyptian and Greco-Roman temples.

To be saved, I guess we need to invent a time machine so that we can head back to the papacy of Pius IX or Leo XIII. Or, just to buy us a margin of error, perhaps go back to the papacy of Boniface VIII.

We also need to check out the real estate market for 13C Umbria, or thereabouts.


  1. He's being a lot more subtle here then you are giving him credit for.


  2. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, LOL!

  3. the Masonically-planned and -engineered revolution known as the Second Vatican Council.

    Gee, I hadn't heard of this.

  4. With so many different brands of Catholicism floating around, it sure does make the Catholic church's claim to be the one true church seem awfully empty.