Monday, July 24, 2006

Note to Bob N' Charles

Hey guys. It's Monday night, and we all know what tomorrow is.... Don't forget that Rich Pierce is back at work this week, and James White will be taking calls again. So, the clock is now ticking for you again. He invited y'all to call last week, and you're always talkin' about him and how he doesn't want to talk to ya0 and telling us how you'd so totally trounce him in a debate, and we all know that's just soooo true, right, because James denies instrumentality and you've got the goods on him anyway, right? So, the call's free and the invitation is out there for either one or both of ya to call and actually talk to him. Let's see you actually have the courage of your convictions! So just in case you forgot, here's the 411:

Most Tuesday Mornings at
11:00am MST and
Most Thursday Afternoons at 4:00 MST
(pre-feeds begin 30 minutes or so before start of program)

Hope to hear ya!


  1. And FYI, MST is Mountain STANDARD Time. Arizona isn't on Daylight Time like most of the rest of us. So if you try to call in at noon Central time, for example, you won't get any reply. And if you do that, don't say Dr. White wouldn't take your call!

  2. Thanks Gene, but the likes of Charles and Bob Ross don't sully themselves with the likes of folks like me. I mean, my church doesn't have enough parking places as seen from orbit! Why would ol' Bob Ross waste his time trying to back up his lies against me regarding the Trinity? Besides, by now you should know that those who trouble the brethren do not operate on the basis of the laws of logic, or rules governing civil behavior. It's slander first, obfuscate second.

    The sad thing about Bob Ross that we can all learn from is this: he has become the mirror image of what he has fought against in his life. He is Peter Ruckman without the four-letter words and the KJV. But as far as mentality and behavior, he's ol' Petey's clone. You and I both know he would never, ever face me with the lies he's told about me. He will make some absurd excuse, talk about "White Lightning," and pull another Ruckman on us. Those who disturb the peace of the church are like that. Mark them well.

  3. Re: he doesn't want to talk to ya0

    Is he still in the country with the NBA season (finally, mercifully) over?