Wednesday, July 26, 2006

For Charles N' Bob: The Flyswatter Clock Is Still Counting

Okay, gentlemen. You didn't call, yet again. I thought Dr. White was afraid to interact with you.
Come on, surely one of you will call in and talk to him one on one "live," or do you really not have the courage of your convictions at all? So, here's the schedule. Tomorrow's Thursday, and if you can't make it tomorrow, why not just make an appointment on your schedule for the week after.

Most Tuesday Mornings at
11:00am MST and
Most Thursday Afternoons at 4:00 MST
(pre-feeds begin 30 minutes or so before start of program)


  1. Bob to Charles,

    Well Charles, they're really catching onto us. We are afraid to actually defend what we say, and James White would mop the floor with us. I think we'll stick to churning out a lot of nonsense and idiocy on our own safe little web site. I'm going to go to GoogleEarth and see if I can get some pictures of the parking lot in front of Gene's church. I'm sure there's only about 30! Ha!

  2. 30 parking spots, that is. See what happens when you try to be funny before you drink your coffee?...