Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Boar's head revisited

I’ve been finishing up some short stories, so I haven’t had time until now to tune into the scintillating developments in the combox or over at BHT.

This will be my very last post on the subject.

At this point, all I can say is that sometimes your critics make your point for you better than you could make it yourself.

Frank Turk famously accused Spencer of being unstable. Now just look at Spencer’s latest meltdown:


Hays and company want me destroyed. They want me off the web. Out of the ministry. They want my family humiliated. They hold me as an enemy of the faith.

They are obsessed. If I were to die in an accident, they would email one another in satisfied wonderment and give God the credit for killing another emergent apostate.

I am a 50 year old ordained minister with my entire reputation a sentence away from being slandered by a seminary student who is young enough to be my son.

That's the example you cited. I am not going to play edit-reedit with Jim. He paid the bills at the BHT for two years and does the tech. His name is on the post. If he was going to reinsert the word after my edit, I wasn't going to waste my time.

So what are we doing? Proving that I'm a liar?

When we talk about pure hatred of me and my blogs, Jus D is exhibit A.

Exactly what are we doing here? Do you need my suicide note to make you all feel better?


Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy! If you wanted evidence straight from the horse’s mouth to validate Frank’s charge, here it is.

If I didn’t think that Spencer was unstable before now, this would be more than enough to establish the point from his own mouth. The guy has the emotional equilibrium of a five-year old.

BTW, I happen to be 46 years of age. If Spencer is old enough to be my dad, then I don’t whether I should envy or censure his sexual precociousness.

Am I trying to prove he’s a liar? I never accused him of being a liar. He accused me of being a liar—repeatedly.

All I did was respond to his repeated demands for evidence. Now he plays the victim.

Spencer is a pitiful man, wallowing in oceans self-pity. He is clearly incapable of rational self-criticism.

Once again, I never equated “his” usage with c.t.’s. In context, it was all about his duties as moderator.

But in that capacity, who said what is a distinction without a moral difference. He responsible for what other people say on his blog.

Meantime, over at BHT, the Tavernistas are advertising slang terms for masturbation and copulation.

They have also busied themselves rehearsing the number of different sentences which can be composed around the ubiquitous S-word.

You only have to view their antics to see that BHT was a sewer hole just waiting for someone to rip the lid off.

They are self-condemned, having supplied the ammo for their own indictment.

Case closed.


  1. The guy has the emotional equilibrium of a five-year old.

    This (seriously) puts me in mind of a class of kids with autism I had a few years ago.

    One of these kids had an impulse control problem with tattling. He was the self-appointed policeman of the class. Thanks to this one child, we knew who said fart, stupid, poop, darn and all the rest.

    It got so bad that I gave him 5 popsicle sticks and let him decorate them and we called them "tattle sticks". Every time he tattled, he had to give me a stick - up to five a day. I talked to his mom last month and she told me "He still talks about those tattle sticks - he hated them, but they worked so well!"

    All that to say - Steve, maybe you need some tattle sticks.

  2. Steve's right! I have been stating that about Michael Spencer for a long time. He is emotionally unstable. Seriously, the guy seem's as if he has a touch of schizophrenia and a persecution complex. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouths do speak over at the BHT. I personally think that most of them are about as reprobate as they come. That is my personal opinion but and it comes from reading the Boar's Head Trash Rag. Look at the guys that Spencer chooses to keep company with. And now he is labeling himself "emergent". Imagine that, the "50 year old" hippie. Maybe Michael is going through his mid life crisis. He is now jumping on the band wagon with (of all people) Rob Schlapfer who had an emotional meltdown (by his own admittance) a few months back. Guys like Michael Spencer are dangerous with the trash that flow from their mouths. I personally would love to see Michael Spencer out of the ministry. After all, wasn't getting into the ministry his "worst mistake"? I think men as unstable as him have no place in the ministry and I am not trying to be unmerciful in saying so. I think it is sad that he has any influence over any people whatsoever and that includes the poor, abused children that he has charge of. Michael, if you are reading you need to get a clue. This has nothing to do with being Reformed or not Reformed or being Truly Reformed. It has to do with the hate that you sling on a daily basis toward those whom Christ died for. You should be ashamed and, yes, step down from the ministry. The people of God deserve far better then a mentally unstable guy just wanting to earn a paycheck. Quit disgracing the work of Christ until you get yourself together emotionally and otherwise. Go ahead and chum up with Rob Schlapfer. You are both two pea's in a pod and it was Schlapfer who turned his back on God and the people of God just as you are! It is so sad that you are 50 year's old and yet so obviously immature. My teen age son's act far more mature and responsible then you do and are far more godly young men then you portray yourself to be. Get a grip on yourself man! If you are really anything like you portray yourself on the Boar's Head Trash site then you are in need of some serious mental health assistance.

    Thanks Steve for not backing down and for standing up for the truth. It's too bad that other's don't speak the truth in love like you and Frank Turk.

  3. Doug's comment is about as uncharitable as any I have ever seen on the internet. I think we all have a lot of growing up to do, no matter how old we are.

    I'll be the last one to defend extremely crude language, but I'll be the first one to defend a brother against unwarranted attacks.

  4. For some reason, I don't believe "Doug" is a real person.

    But maybe I am wrong.

  5. Wow, I can hardly believe that this is a real post and some of these are real comments. This is a sad day in the American church, we all def. have too much time on our hands and too little to worry about (and don't strike me down for my lack of faith, I only meant it as a figure of speech).

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  7. What I said was MY OPINION based on what I have watched over at the BHT. I have watched Michael Spencer slander and spread lies about those that love the Reformed faith. He constantly takes his fair share of shots at reputable men. Was anything I stated about him untrue? It's the truth based on his own writings. Some people just cannot stand people to tell the truth boldly. Again, prove me wrong. Prove Steve wrong. And Michael, tell me how the BHT (which you own and run) glorifies God on a daily basis.

  8. Take a look at the right sidebar here. Dave Armstrong, Catholics, Mormons...

    Steve doesn't agree with them and he says so.

    But Michael is bad, bad, bad for not agreeing with the "truly reformed" (as he puts it).

    Kind of like the ocean calling the river wet.

    In terms of the "solas" and TULIP, I'm reformed. But I really don't want the attitude.

  9. Ellen, you said elsewhere that you'd "like to be a tavernista, just because..."

    Judging merely by the sheer waste of space that your responses here have thus far constituted, let me suggest that you'd fit right in.

    The only thing you need is a bit more insolence added to your unlearned commentary.

    Voila – honorary Tavernista!

  10. You're right, of course.

    How could it be otherwise, right?

    Both sides could be taking a look at the other and asking if they have a point. But no.

    It's very clear that Steve is watching a particular few blogs with the intent of finding what is wrong with them.

    No grace allowed.