Monday, May 18, 2020

Is Genesis history?

According to Tim Challies, the documentary Is Genesis History? is available to watch for free for a limited time. The documentary includes interviews with scholars Todd Wood, Paul Nelson, Andrew Snelling, Kurt Wise, and others. I haven't watched it, but I thought some people might be interested.


  1. Scores some good points against evolution but it is YEC, so it is hit-and-miss overall.

    1. Yes, the presentation is thin and one-sided. The viewer would never know from the presentation why most scientists reject YEC. The presentation doesn't respond to objections.

    2. Thanks, guys. Good points.

    3. Steve, do you have any recommendations for literature arguing for OEC that doesn't embrace evolution?

    4. Under headings for old-earth creationism and Darwinism:

    5. I'd add to keep a lookout on Günter Bechly's work. He has a ton of good material on his website. He's a paleontologist who was in charge of a natural history museum in Europe (the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart), but found himself ousted (one might say "expelled") after sympathizing with intelligent design and dissenting from neo-Darwinism. He also moved from militant atheism to theism.