Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Over the course of a lifetime, people often acquire ever more stuff. When they're younger they may live in an apartment. Later buy a house. Later buy a bigger house. Then, as they get up in years the process reverses itself. They may downsize by moving into a retirement home. Then, if they move into a nursing home, all their stuff fits into one cabinet. Their life shrinks to the size of one room, shared with somebody else.  

From a Christian perspective, life is like a series of bridges. Each time you cross a bridge, it served its purpose. You don't look back. You put it behind you. I don't mean fond memories. I mean things along the way that get you through the obstacle paths of the Christian pilgrimage. A means to an end. Passageways at key junctures. 


  1. What interpretation do you think is correct in Exodus 21:22-25? Do you think it refers to miscarriage or premature birth?


    1. Although I don't have the quote at my fingertips, I believe Duane Garrett argues in his commentary that it probably refers to both. There's a studied ambiguity in some Mosaic offenses because the Mosaic code doesn't single out a particular scenario. Rather, it's based on the principle of analogous cases. So more than one scenario in view. The wording is intentionally loose to cover more than one scenario. Particular laws reflect conceptually related cases.

    2. I'd definitely would like to see if Duane Garrett interacts with Sprinkle's article. I was looking through Hamilton and he references it, but he doesn't get into the issue.