Friday, November 08, 2019

My Bodyguard

The impeachment circus continues. Democrat elites can't fathom why Trump's support hasn't cratered. The sycophant media keeps churning out new Trump scandals, but it doesn't change the numbers.

A basic reason Democrat elites are blindsided by Trump's enduring support is because than can't identify with why his supporters feel endangered by the Democrat establishment. And they're blind to that because that's the side they're on, so they don't sees themselves the way the other side sees them. They've cast themselves as the heroes. They don't don't views themselves as a threat. They see themselves as saviors. 

It's like a nerdy weakling who gets beat up at every school day, so he hires a body guard. The bullies then bitch and complain that the bodyguard is mean. They show the nerdy weakling his wrap sheet. "Why don't you fire him? How can you associate with someone like that?"

But of course, that's why the nerdy weakling hired the bodyguard in the first place. It takes a bigger meaner S.O.B to protect him from the gang of smaller thugs. If he fires his bodyguard, the bullies will resume punching his lights out everyday. 

It never occurs to Democrat elites that their alternative is why so many Americans rightly feel endangered by the Democrat establishment. That's why they voted for a bodyguard. That's why he may well be reelected. 


  1. I would think the only major ways Trump could lose are if the economy tanks or Trump embroils us in an unpopular war. But both seem unlikely.

  2. A few things. I love the movie, "My Bodyguard". Your analogy is a good one, Steve. I hope Trump gets reeelected and that very well may happen. Regardless, though, the fact that the Democrats have a decent chance to win, while fanatically promoting and supporting out-right evil (murder of children, "trans-genderism, open borders) show that this country is done, finished, through. :-(

  3. I don't see how the Democrats have a chance. The key to any election is convincing the moderates and undecideds. Yet the Democrats hold positions that even moderates find odious (after-birth 'abortion', socialism, gun confiscation, open borders, etc.). Furthermore, they've turned their backs on the blue-collar base that used to make them what they were.

    1. I hope you are right, Vaughn! Unfortunately, there are too many people in this country who care more about getting their free stuff than the sanctity of human life and the security of our borders. That's my take on things, at least.