Monday, August 05, 2019

What happens when you disarm the public

But the real problem lies in the police, that vast body of men and women, largely absent from the streets we pay them to patrol. In the last week, I have not seen one police officer on foot, anywhere, and I have looked out for them.

They have become a closed society, quite Left-wing, pursuing their own politically correct agendas, uninterested in their main job of deterring crime by being present on the streets.


  1. I don't follow the logic between the juxtaposition of the article and the headline. Have the things that Hitchens writes of throughout the article been prevented in America because of its different gun laws? America, unlike Europe, has escaped a left-wards drift over recent years? Perhaps, for example, there is no abortion, no "gay marriage", no prevention of Christians exercising their lawful business, etc., because of the second amendment?

    N.B. "Gay marriage" and abortion are still illegal in some parts of the UK (possibly not for long, unfortunately).

    AFAICT, US gun laws have had no particular effect in preventing exactly the same thing in the US as Hitchens often writes about in the UK: top-down cultural take-over. These things have gone different paths, and some mechanisms have slowed things here, and different mechanisms have prevented things there. But gun laws? Is the controlled-by-liberals US government school system somehow different from the controlled-by-liberals UK government school system, because of gun laws??

    1. There was no juxtaposition in general, only with reference to the excerpt I quoted.

    2. The point is a worst of all possible worlds situation where the authorities won't let the public protect itself, and the police won't protect the public, either. "Hey, you don't need guns because we''ll protect you"–but they don't.