Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Suffering role models

Many Christians undergo great suffering. Some of them are well-known within the Christian community (e.g. Joni Eareckson Tada). On top of the ordeal itself is the added burden of having to set an example. They're not at liberty to publicly express anger or despair over their situation. 

It's very hard to live up to that expectation 24/7. To put on a brave face all the time. To be an encouragement to others when they are deeply discouraged. 

I hope they have friends it's safe to confide in and let their guard down around, instead of constantly having to be an inspirational example to others. As we know from reading OT prophets and psalmists, it's okay to be angry and depressed sometimes. To be at a loss. One doesn't always have to model saintly submission and fortitude for the good of the team. One doesn't always have a duty to be strong for everyone else. We should allow them to feel what they really feel. We should be strong for them when they are weak. 

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