Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Anglican exorcism


  1. Wayne Grudem shared an incident where he may have "exorcised" an evil spirit of sickness out of a person. I just watched the video today and thought of this blogpost:

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    2. I forget what Grudem's view on the controversial issue of whether demons can "inhabit" Christians or not. So, he might not think he cast one "out" of the person. He merely says that he sensed a demonic presence attacking the person without addressing the controversial issue. I tend to think that since evil spirits are non-material and illocal, they don't literally inhabit our bodies or spirits (and/or souls, depending on whether a tripartite or bipartite view of man is correct). However, I do think we have Biblical warrant and license to use spacial metaphors regarding the habitation of the Holy Spirit and demonic spirits. Because of that I think Christians can be so influenced by demonic spirits that it's as if they are "inhabited" by them. If one does Not like that type of language, then I one can say "demonized" to avoid the controversy.