Monday, May 20, 2019

How is abortion performed?

Some abortionists don't think the baby is literally torn apart, limb by limb, during an abortion. However, watch the following video from a physician (obstetrician and gynecologist) named Dr. Anthony Levatino. Levatino used to perform abortions as a physician but today is opposed to them.

For a simpler video of how to perform an abortion, Dr. Levatino speaks to students:

Dr. Levatino testifies before a House judiciary committee hearing about Planned Parenthood's medical procedures and how to perform an abortion:

The previous three videos are similar in that they primarily discuss how an abortion is performed by an obstetrician. However, the following video is a longer interview with Dr. Levatino which covers his background including how he became opposed to abortion:

Finally, Dr. Levatino has a website called Abortion Procedures that's worth perusing.

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