Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Age of Terrorism Meets the Era of the Troll

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  1. Carter's whole construction of left and right is kind of off. The categories "Left" and "Right" are almost useless. For instance, many people want to claim that Leftism is always totalitarian. It isn't in theory, for instance look at Kropotkin and other anarcho-socialist writers. They abhor totalitarianism as much as many "right Libertarians". Horseshoe theory doesn't really do it justice IMHO. It is best to look at these political ideologies as what happens when we reject Theistic natural law, and the Imago Dei.

    It isn't inconsistent to be a fascist and a socialist. In fact, it seems that Fascism was a more localized form of what the Communist International was wanting to do for the whole world. Also, Fascist often utilize something like naturalism to justify the Nietzschean will to power. The left soft balls Nietzsche and attempts to appeal to the artsy aspects of Nietzche, the "far right"on the other hand use Nietzsche to argue for military virtues (similar to what you see in Homer's great poems). Man (and they also mean MEN) are to be strong and dominant (hence, them calling liberals and conservatives cucks), and the domain of discourse only goes so far. Sometimes you just need to overpower the intellectual opponent. Conservatives and progressives better figure this group out pretty quickly. With the waning of religion I worry that these ideas will become more prevalent, especially among young men.