Friday, March 15, 2019

Responding to domestic terrorism

Predictably, progressives are exploiting the NZ mosque massacre as a pretext to score political points about "Islamophobia", "racism", "hate," and gun control. For instance: 

I see the mass murder of 49 innocent people at their place of worship is not being called a terrorist attack by a host of mainstream outlets. They’re also asking how this sort of crime can be stopped. About time they took some responsibility for peddling hate and misinformation.

Islamophobia is not just tolerated, it is actually encouraged by many. It has, disgracefully, become an acceptable form of racism and hate. Solidarity to my Muslim brothers and sisters today. And all my strength to those who have lost those that they love #Christchurch

A few quick observations:

i) I don't mind calling the attack an act of domestic terrorism. I don't shy away from the word "terrorism" in this situation. 

ii) From a Christian perspective, we should practice friendship evangelism with Muslims. 

iii) Liam Young is one of many dupes who turns a blind eye to the obvious. Is he equally incensed by Muslim atrocities? For instance: 

iv) The primary threat to Muslims comes from fellow Muslims. 

v) Notice that when Muslims are attacked by some angry, alienated loner, that's immediately connected to rightwing ideology, but the mainstream media never connects Muslim atrocities to the theology of Islam. 


  1. I'd like to know how 'Islamophobia' is being defined here, who's responsible for it, and who's tolerating it. Or is this person simply spitting out buzzwords? Seems to me that Islam is a protected ideology. There is widespread intolerance and condemnation of all and any criticism of Islam, including genuine criticism based on its own sources (which in my experience is about 95% of the criticism), and it is *this* that qualifies as 'intolerance,' 'hatred,' and therefore 'Islamophobia.'

    I'd dearly love to see a rational argument demonstrating that appealing to the Islamic sources and engaging in rational criticism constitutes an 'irrational fear,' 'intolerance' or 'hatred' (these are the ways in which 'Islamophobia' is usually defined) of Islam. Just one argument. An argument that ventures beyond ita est verum dictum est.

    The media and its political allies are never more vociferous than when some loner/crank goes on the attack. They're more than happy to attribute a sinister ideology and related motives to such acts of terror. And sometimes justly so. But they'll largely clam up about ideological motives when Muslim's commit acts of terror. Terror *in the name of Allah* if you please. That's an area for the brave, not the cowardly. And the media and its political allies are not brave.

  2. '...demonstrating that appealing to the Islamic sources... constitutes [fear/intolerance/hatred]... of Islam and Muslims...'