Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Yes, it really is a homosexual scandal

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  1. I actually have much agreement with this article. I highly recommend this DVD from EWTN which exposes the infiltration of radicals into the Catholic Church with the expressed purpose of destroying it. The DVD is entitled: "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," and is an expose' on Saul Alinsky - and much more is covered. It does cost $15, and it's worth it. If you have EWTN on your cable or satellite service, they play it a couple times a year for free.

    Anyway, the bottom line of the article this entry is about states that the Church needs to wash out the homosexuals in the priesthood. I do not deny they exist. I'm not sure of the 16% figure mentioned (but not sourced) in the article, but no doubt there are still some out there which need to be removed. Until they do, we can expect more scandals - which is saddening, at least for Catholics (many non-Catholics and especially anti-Catholics seem to relish the thought of more scandals in the Catholic Church).

    Scott Windsor<<<
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