Saturday, November 17, 2018

Why don't more pastors speak out?

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  1. There is yet still one more side to this. Just two days ago, I got a text from a friend, who I had referred to a fantastic SBC church with an excellent pastor. The text basically asked me if the pastor had spoken out on SSM because if so, then she was concerned that if the folks at her workplace found out, then she might get fired.

    I was really surprised at the text for two reasons. The minor one being that, well you cannot get fired for such a reason and the major one being that I did not realize that she was this far gripped in such fears. It makes me wonder if very many conservative, evangelical Christians are also.

    Anyway, I sent her some links relating to the incident currently taking place at U.C. Berkeley with Isabelle Chow. Let her think about and pray about that.

    My point: In some cases pastors do not preach because they are afraid of the reaction from their congregations.