Saturday, November 17, 2018

The evolution of the nose

At the 12th World Congress on Evolutionary Biology, held in Stockholm, an acrimonious debate broke out between Prof. Obstkuchen and Prof. Knödel on the evolution of the nose. Prof. Obstkuchen said the function of the nose isn't for breathing. Rather, the nose was an adaptation to keep the eyes apart. If the eyes are too close together, that impedes depth perception or peripheral vision.

Conversely, Prof. Knödel said the function of eyes isn't for seeing. Rather, eyes were an adaptation to keep the nose centered. An off-center nose throws the esophagus off-center, too, which impedes swallowing (like the S-bend in a sink pipe). Just imagine a nose on the left side or right side of the face!

Both biologists offered learned but divergent backstories to explain the stochastic evolution of the nose and eyes.

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  1. The Theory of Evolution is merely a cornucopia of speculation, assumptions, and assertions. Darwinists draw their conclusions based on already preconceived naturalistic beliefs. It is simply another one of man's attempts to remove God from the equation of life.