Saturday, October 08, 2016

Trump tar-baby

Before the first presidential debate, Trump was doing better than expected in the polls. But he was unprepared, and that hurt him. Now we have a new Trump scandal. Before I get to that I'd like to comment on the faux indignation from the Left. Just as Hillary's badness doesn't make Trump any better, Trump's badness doesn't make Hillary any better. 

1. There's the glowing double standard when it comes to Bill Clinton. He's an infamous skirt-chaser. This includes credible allegations of sexual assault, according to legal analyst Stuart Taylor. 

Hillary defended him because he's an escalator to advance her own insatiable political ambitions. 

2. In addition, Hillary impugned the credibility of a rape victim, even though she knew the allegations were true:

3. Then there's the general tolerance for sexual misconduct in the Democrat establishment. We could give many examples. The womanizing of JFK and Teddy Kennedy. Barney Frank's then-boyfriend and callboy running a male brothel out of the Congressman's home. 

Nancy Pelosi initially defended Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal. Even after he resigned, he was leading in the NYC mayoral poll before another sexting scandal sunk his bid. 

3. Or take the college hookup culture. That isn't just spontaneous. Rather, college administrators instigate a hookup culture. Take the biennial Yale Sex Week. Or the Vagina Monologues. Or coed dorms and locker rooms. 

4. In addition, the sexual mores of women in the pop culture are frequently deranged. To take a few examples, consider all the buzz about 50 Shades of Grey a while back. Isn't that very popular with women? Yet it's said to glorify licentiousness. 

I've also read about women whose idea of women's night out is to visit a night club with male strippers. They go with other female friends. 

Or take the Facebook group called "Mommy wars". That comprises about 23,000 military wives. They were caught giving each other tips on how to commit adultery while their husbands stationed overseas.

Or consider this sample of pop cultural morality:

Point is: both sexes can be equally depraved. 

5. Then there's the Trump groupies. Men like Trump are magnets for a certain kind of woman. There are ambitious women who intentionally seek out men like Trump. They sleep their way to the top. 

In addition, some women who are genuinely attracted to men like Trump. They like the swagger. 

There are women who knowingly marry skirt-chasers. They are under no illusions. I read that about Sinatra's last wife. There are women who prefer a rich man or celebrity, even though he's faithless–to a faithful working class or middle class husband. 

Take his current wife. She's a classic trophy wife. She posed nude, in chains, on his private jet. 

Yes, his comments reveal his character, but his character reveals the character of women who hang out with him. Women who voluntarily enter his gravity well. Consider the female contestants on The Apprentice. 

His reputation precedes him. They know what they are getting into. They do it for what they can get out of it. Mutual exploitation. 

6. As for Trump's comments, the problem isn't confined to the obscene descriptions of women, but to what he said he did. Now, there's a degree of posturing. The sexual braggadocio. 

But it's very plausible that he did what he said he did. It's not uncommon for powerful men like him to take advantage of their position. Indeed, that's why they seek out certain positions, like presiding at beauty pageants. Surely he does that to hit on voluptuous, nubile young women. 

7. That's the problem with being a spokesman for Trump. It's morally compromising to keep defending and excusing his comments. You become a tar-baby for Trump. When you constantly excuse what he says and does, that rubs off on you. 

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