Saturday, May 07, 2016

American Satyricon

New York Times
March 17, 2017

Just two months after he was sworn in, Pres. Trump married his fourth trophy wife, Caitlyn Jenner-Trump. The ceremony was held at First Baptist Dallas. Pastor Jeffress made the sanctuary available for this august occasion. Rev. Mike Huckabee officiated the wedding. Sean Hannity was Trump's Best man. Strippers from the Trump Taj Mahal supplied the bridesmaids. Gov. Christie stood behind the First Ladyish to carry his/her bridal train. 

Prior to the event, Jerry Falwell hosted a Bacchanalian stag party at Liberty U, where he and Trump shared a hot tub filled with Château Lafite. 

According to TMZ, which acquired a leaked copy of their prenup, ex-wife Melania Trump received an exorbitant severance package in exchange for keeping mum about the Donald's small hands and other appendages. 

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