Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trump Telling It Like It Isn't

One of the many ridiculous justifications Trump supporters offer for supporting their candidate is that he tells it like it is, whereas other candidates don't. Actually, Trump probably is the most self-contradictory individual to ever run for the presidency, and he frequently lies. Even when he isn't contradicting himself or lying, he's often highly ignorant of the issues he's addressing. Here's an article that gives some examples of his lies.


  1. Though they have attacked each other, I hope Cruz and Rubio have a secret pact that they will do anything to keep Trump from becoming the nominee. Even if that means one of them dropping from the race, OR one agrees to be the running mate of the other. Though, obviously Cruz would be less inclined to be Rubio's VP candidate. Him being the older one and the more seasoned in governmental service. I also think Rubio running as POTUS and Cruz as VP would be more popular/electable than vice versa. Though, such a collaboration is unlikely.

  2. Jason, I think you would like this article if you haven't seen it already: