Saturday, February 27, 2016

Revenge suicide

Years ago I read an article by Dennis Prager about self-loathing Americans on the Left. He thought they were literally childish. They were perfectionists when it came to America. They gave other countries with a much worst track record on human rights a pass. Why? Because they personified America as if it was a mother or father figure. When it disappointed their hopes and expectations, they reacted with the same kind of bitter disillusionment you get from children when they find out their father cheated on their mother, or vice versa.

I now see the same attitude among Trumpkins. In this election cycle, we have or have had quality candidates like Rubio, Cruz, Jindal, and Santorum (before the last two dropped out). Yet these candidates aren't perfect enough for the Trumpkins. 

Instead, their standards are so high that they throw their enthusiastic support behind a candidate with no standards at all! It's like a revenge suicide. 

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