Friday, November 20, 2015

Stupid pill

We should remember the history of the 20th century, of Jewish refugees from the Holocaust…

I don't read Russell Moore on a regular basis, and this is why. I'm curious about the egotism of some Christians who assume positions of leadership when they are painfully out of their depth. Moore needs a 10 foot snorkel to keep from drowning. 

I've seen other people cite the alleged parallel with Jews seeking asylum, viz. the MS St. Louis. Did Moore take a stupid pill?

The basic problem is when simpletons like Moore can only keep one idea in their head at a time. All they think is that both groups are "refugees." But the analogy is vitiated by disanalogies. As I often say, the rule is to treat like things alike and unlike things unalike.

From what I've read, most of the "Syrian refugees" are economic refugees. That's hardly comparable to Jews fleeing the Final Solution.

In addition, there is Moore's morally blind equivalence between Muslims and Jews. However, Muslim immigrants frequently embody the cultural pathologies of Islam. And that's apart from the additional fact that Muslim enclaves become hotbeds of domestic terrorism in the host country. 

It's utterly brainless of Russell to compare the two. The real analogy would be:

Middle Eastern Christians fleeing jihadists are akin to Jews fleeing Nazis. 

But people like Moore enable Muslims to pursue fleeing Christians whenever they go. Look at the plight of Jews in Paris. Thanks to the Muslim presence, Paris is no longer safe for Jewish residents. So, by all means, let's replicate that situation in American, so that no safe haven is left. 

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  1. I think Moore is an embarrassment to the SBC. There are certainly clearer and better thinkers in the SBC establishment (within Southern for sure) who could and should be given voice on important ethical questions and issues like this.

    Russell should be encouraging young people, giving advice to lads considering seminary, and counseling pre-married couples. That's noble and valuable work, and would better match Moore's giftings and limitations.