Thursday, April 09, 2015

Messianic Judaism and the Hebrew Roots Movement

I haven't studied the Hebrew Roots Movement in detail. These may be useful resources on Messianic Judaism, which sometimes interact with the Hebrew Roots Movement.

A number of these links I copied from a post by Michael Heiser. I'm not vouching for all these links. But they ought to sift the field and illustrate some sounder examples of Messianic Judaism. 

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  1. I'm only posting this again because I'm not sure if it went through or what just happened.

    That is a link to a series of blog posts I did reviewing Marc Shaprio's "the Limits of Orthodox Theology". Please trust me that if you are interested in this area, you should read the book, even though the author is not a Messianic Jew. My blog posts which function as book review and quick synopsis will explain why.