Monday, March 23, 2015

"The daughters I never had"

Here's an unintentionally funny combination of snobbery and common sense–exposing some of the many faultlines in feminism:


  1. The combox is a real hoot!

    1. It is. Good variety of comedy, including someone who considers UCLA to be Ivy League but that did not go unnoticed of course by Ivy Leaguers who laughed at the "peasent".

  2. Pretty light on common sense and heavy on the snobbery though, but it is unintentionally funny indeed. The author was recently divorced at the time of writing, and her husband didn't go to an ivy league college. So her advice is to marry early when you're a Princetonian or you'll end up with an idiot who "will frustrate you to no end", since your chances of marrying someone smart aren't very good after graduation.