Saturday, January 18, 2014

What's Your Worldview?

Voilà! Prof. James Anderson's latest pièce d'awesome.

Update: In case people don't already know about these lectures from Prof. Anderson.


  1. Definitely a great book! A book that packs a punch

  2. Just picked this up on kindle, thanks for the tip!

  3. I'm kind of bummed out...I finished the book in like 10 minutes and found out that I'm a Christian theist, which I already knew. I should have bought a hard copy to give to someone instead of the kindle version. Fair warning for others so you don't make the same mistake!

    1. Thanks, CR.

      Maybe the other sections (i.e. the non Christian theist sections) are worth reading?

      BTW, is it easy to navigate on the Kindle?

      Thanks in advance.

    2. Hi CR,

      Yes, you should definitely explore all the other 'paths' in the book to get your money's worth! I hope it will give you some good ideas for how to identify some of the basic problems with other worldviews.

      Although it deals with serious philosophical issues, the book is pitched as the popular level, and regular Triablogue readers are unlikely to find anything ground-breaking in it. Even so, I hope they would find it a useful tool for basic apologetics, education, discipleship, and outreach.

      I'm glad there's a Kindle version, but I would generally recommend people get the paperback version, because then they can pass the book on once they're done with it. In a sense, it's a bit unfortunate that the Kindle version was released before the paperback. But they're both available now.

  4. Hi Patrick, yes I'm hoping to read through the "alternate endings" to brush up on, and see what James A. has to say about competing worldviews.

    And yes, navigating the book on the Kindle is a breeze.