Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bridge burning

I think it's very unfortunate that many MacArthurites seem ready to burn bridges with Messianic Jews over the charismatic issue. Why can't they have a civil debate with Brown? Sadly, this is not an isolated example:

Brett Coffrini commented on a post.


  1. I'd have a hard time debating with someone who publishes the kind of nonsense he published on charismanews. Not to mention that, from what I heard of his "Calvinist Call-in" with which Dr White interacted, he won't interact very seriously with the other side of the fence. (I'm not a MacArthurite)

  2. Dr. Brown doesn't seem like a good person for this debate because 1) he doesn't really exposit good arguments for his position and i.m.o. he undercuts himself with some bad arguments (as seen in his Charismanews article) 2) is not a very good debater (see Thomas's comment as I concur). Matt Slick at least seems to have some decent arguments.

    I don't think the MacArthurite camp would give much more than the TeamPyro silly triumphalist arguments in return anyway so a debate between bad arguments and bad arguments doesn't seem helpful.

    I wonder why cessationists like Vern Poythress or Kevin DeYoung were not invited.........

    1. I agree with you that Brown isn't necessarily the best choice to spearhead this debate. But I was making connections between Brown's charismatic Messianic Judaism and MacArthur's Dispensationalism. Given that Dispensationalists are Zionists who espouse the endtime restoration of Israel and Jews coming to faith in the Messiah (=Jesus), the belligerent treatment that Brown has received at the hands of some prominent MacArthurites strains that alliance.