Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Craig's model of providence

I agree with most of this:

However, it goes off the rails at the end. I don’t agree with John Feinberg’s position.

I wonder if Feinberg’s position hasn’t been influenced by the personal tragedies he’s had to endure (i.e. having to institutionalize his enfeebled father, the sudden death of his brother from diabetes, his wife’s degenerative illness). That can crush the life out of you.

This is exacerbated by his rejection of a consequentialist theodicy. That rejection makes the existence of evil seem more gratuitous.

I’m sympathetic to his ordeal. On the other hand, Warfield suffered a similar tragedy when his wife was struck by lightening when they were hiking on their honeymoon. She suffered irreparable injury, and they had a childless marriage. Yet Warfield remained committed to God’s absolute sovereignty.

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