Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Combatting zombiephobes

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  1. I rather like this part, and it's now part of my zombie preparedness plan. In the event of zombie pandemic, you and your loved ones should draw up a living dead will.


    To help relieve some of the moral difficulties involved, here are my recommendations:

    1. purchase Zombie Repellant Spray that makes you smell like a fellow zombie to actual zombies and so makes you (and your brain) less appealing to them. Ideally, you'd be able to walk past them to escape as you pretend to be one of them. Make sure to walk slowly and have make-up on that makes you look undead and stained with dried blood.

    2. purchase Zombie Decoy Spray which makes things smell even more "alive", and therefore more appealing than regular non-zombie people. Useable on objects like walls, pathways, trees, zombies (and if you're so inclined, other people like your enemies or in-laws).

    3. Don't confuse the sprays.