Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Transgender twins"

By overwhelming majorities in both the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies, the Episcopal Church scored an historic first, brokering transsexualism into church law. With the passage of the "transgender twins," resolutions D019 and D002, it's now against church law to exclude people who have had sex-changes from the life of the church at any level. Watch out, world, for the first ever "trans" bishop.

In similar vein, both Houses gave a resounding thumbs-up to gay-marriage, breaking with Scripture and twenty centuries of Christian tradition, to authorize rites for same-sex blessing. I Will Bless You and You Will Be a Blessing is due to hit the pews on the first Sunday of Advent, December 2, 2012. Realizing that a small minority of bishops and dioceses are against this unprecedented step, the gay-marriage resolution, A049, contains a conscience clause. No one has to use this innovative liturgical resource, at least not yet.

Putting aside the moral and theological issues, why do homosexuals wish to be patronized in this fashion? It’s like patting a two-year-old on the head, which is fine when you’re two years old.. But why do adult homosexuals have this craving for an Episcopal priest or priestess or bishop to “bless” them? It's soooo paternalistic.

This merely reinforces the impression that many homosexuals (transsexuals, &c.) suffer from unresolved daddy issues. The priest is the surrogate father figure, and they need dad to tell them it’s okay. They need dad to tell them how proud he is.  

That make sense during our formative years, but shouldn’t grown-ups outgrow that? If homosexuals are normal, why don’t they act normal? Why the perpetual father-fixation? Why do they keep advertising their emotional insecurities? Shouldn't they cut the apron strings and stand on their own two feet?

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