Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Thoughts on an Impending Conversion Which (Should Have Been) Foretold



  1. Trueman: "Having said this, however, there is a breed of Christian out there for whom the doctrine of the church and 2K are all they ever seem to talk about. They are, it appears, the number one priorities for Christians."

    Sounds like Darryl G. Hart and some of his disciples like Zrim.

  2. Well, I for one understand the need to specialize. It's hard to be conversant in a lot of things, all at once. Somehow, Steve does it though.

  3. Trueman's article hit home for this poster at the Confessional Outhouse:

    Is He Talking to Us?

    Posted on June 5, 2012by RubeRad

    Amidst the screeching across the P&R internets in the wake of the nuclear bomb that was dropped yesterday, Carl Trueman stands out as a thoughtful, and even useful voice.

    I think all of us Sitters here in the Outhouse would agree that “the doctrine of the church and 2K are all [we] ever seem to talk about” — and that JJS was a compatriot and even a champion of ours in that discussion. Now the Outhouse is not a church — nor are any of us Sitters ordained — so I think we get a little bit of a pass in terms of not making the gospel specifically the highest priority of discussion; the “business” we are doing here is not specifically “church business” (aka “kingdom work”). We’re just dudes on the internets, talking about what we like to talk about.

    But surely in light of yesterday’s unhappy surprise, we can all stand a reminder of what is the highest priority, and a friendly warning about the consequences of misaligned priorities.