Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Is He Talking to Us?


  1. In looking through the comment thread, there is a commenter "P.L.M." who's making a number of solid comments.

  2. PLM may refer to:
    Chemins de fer de Paris à Lyon et à la Méditerranée (PLM), a French railway company
    Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM), University of the City of Manila
    Partido Liberal Mexicano, a pre-1910 Revolution Mexican political party
    Periodic Limb Movement Disorder
    PL/M, a computer programming language
    Plant lifecycle management, the process of managing an industrial facility's data and information throughout its lifetime
    Polarized Light Microscopy, a form of microscopy
    Product lifecycle management, the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product
    Closed Loop Lifecycle Management
    Product life cycle management (marketing)
    Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport (IATA airport code: PLM), in Palembang, Indonesia
    Indonesian for perahu layar motor, a traditional type of lambo (boat).
    Planar Lipid Membranes, a kind of Lipid bilayer
    A Payload Module on a satellite or spacecraft, such as the SOHO Payload Module (PLM)

  3. P.L.M is a mysterious character. Comes then goes. Comes again then goes again then comes again. I can only speak for myself of course but I always prefer he/she/its coming rather than going; does the cause of solid comments much good.

  4. Whoever PLM is, I had to wander into the Confessional OutHouse and personally commend him/her as well as RubeRad.