Saturday, June 23, 2012

Peter Enns and 'Myth' in Genesis 1

"Recent Challenges to the Doctrine of Inerrancy: Peter Enns and ‘Myth’ in Genesis 1" by John Yeo.

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  1. I actually think the author is wrong about something. He seems to think that Enns still believes. However, Enns' rhetoric as of late, and his limp wristed complaining about people being mean to him (which he doesn't do?) have all the marks of an apostate who doesn't want to be found out just yet. My theory is that Enns is a second-rate OT scholar by secular standards (especially), so he can't get a job at a major research institution, so he is waiting for some unsuspecting divinity school to pick him up.

    If his career options fail he will either go completely liberal, or go apostate. They are really the same thing, but his personality will determine whether he rejects Christianity in toto, or decides to keep some trappings to make him acceptable to his friends and colleagues.