Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keeping the troops in line

“Sure, atheism may have better arguments and evidence. But religion is always to going to win on the death question. A secular philosophy of death will never comfort people the way religion does.”
I’ve heard this idea more times than I can count. And here’s the weird thing: It’s not just from religious believers. I hear it from atheists, too. It shocks me how easily non-believers concede the ground of death.

Maybe because, when atheists are talking to other atheists in private, they feel it’s safe to let their guard down and admit what they really think, rather that putting on a false front to support the cause. For a few unscripted moments they can drop the act and allow themselves to be themselves.

Of course, Greta is here, with her metal-edged ruler, to smite them for this lamentable lapse in unit cohesion and keep them on message. 

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