Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Beating up on homosexuals"

Yes, male homosexuality is set forth as being a capital crime, like a number of family relations crimes. In terms of the sentence given it, it is more heinous in God's sight than certain kinds of incest and period violation. But for those of you who like to beat up on homosexuals, note that it is not the most heinous. The most heinous is taking both a woman and her mother. There, the punishment is not just death, but death by fire.

I’m unclear on why TFan has cast the issue in punitive terms. Who-all is he referring to?

In the contemporary culture wars, social conservatives don’t ordinarily propose legal punishments for homosexuals or homosexual conduct. Rather, they oppose treating homosexuality as morally equivalent to heterosexuality. They oppose homosexual marriage and homosexual ordination. They oppose forcing homosexual membership onto private organizations like the Boy Scouts–because that violates the Constitutional right of free association. They oppose homosexuals in the military. They oppose hate-speech laws against Christian ethics. They oppose homosexual propaganda in the public school curriculum. They oppose affirmative action for homosexuals. They oppose efforts to strip away conscience clauses for religious organizations.

None of this involves taking punitive measures against homosexuality. There’s a difference between criminalizing an activity, decriminalizing an activity, and elevating said activity to a civil right.

The actual state of the debate is two steps removed from prosecuting homosexuals. 


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