Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tiessen reviews Against Calvinism

Terry Tiessen has completed a serial review of Roger Olson's Against Calvinism. Here is the final installment:

At the bottom of his post, Dr. Tiessen has given the links to the preceding installments.

I don't always agree with Tiessen. I'm a consistent high Calvinist. However, it's a very thorough and useful review. And even when I disagree with him, Tiessen is always reasonable.

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  1. Could you possibly post explaining why you disagree with his position? I must admit, I can't see very much difference between his view and four-point Calvinism, apart from perhaps the intention of Christ, although to talk about Christ's intention on the cross with regards the Spirit's application of the benefits of His sacrifice seems somewhat tenuous...

    Is intention the only difference? Is there anything helpful I could read on this subject?