Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Inside Mars Hill church

Here are two insider accounts of Mars Hill church–one positive, another negative:



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  1. Thanks, Steve, for linking my post, and also for this testimony, which answers some questions.

    Joana obviously knows much more about the internal workings of Mars Hill than I do.

    Mark Driscoll is a remarkably talented and insightful preacher. Ironically, one of the strengths of his preaching is its personal and confessionary quality.

    Mark admits to lots of errors. I think I see a real difference in how he presents himself, from when I first went there. He seems, to my no doubt less-experienced eyes, more humble. He often admits having been rougher and more arrogant in the past, and to handling some things wrong.

    He is a "Type A personality," no doubt about that. Maybe leaders of that type, will always hurt lots of people, while accomplishing great things. It is, indeed, one good reason to separate powers, and also to vote people with Messiah complexes out of office, as soon as humanly possible.

    May God bring about further humbling, and reconciliation. We all, Mark included, need our critics, so thank God for that.

    Let me also add that as a scholar of world religions, I also posted another blog critical of Mark's preaching on that subject -- not quite in line with what Paul did at Mars Hill, actually.