Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good introductory materials for understanding textual issues

For anyone who's interested in getting up to speed on the history of New Testament textual transmission and critical issues, Moises Silva offers an excellent introduction to New Testament issues that includes, if I recall, a history and overview of the whole field of textual criticism. I believe this is a recorded seminary course from Westminster, Philadelphia. (Other lectures in this course talk about the concept of authority as it would have been understood in first century Palestine, Jewish understandings of Tradition at the time, translation, linguistics, politics, and other information that is very helpful for understanding how the New Testament got to us.)

As well, D. C. Parker's work, New Testament Manuscripts and their Texts, provides an overview of some of the different manuscripts and types. The website is a companion to his book, and the images [for the most part] aren't in the book, they're online, at this site, and so you're getting a pretty good deal here.

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