Monday, January 09, 2012

The Undiscerning and Dangerous Appreciation of Ron Paul

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  1. Another shallow critique.

    Here is what I took away from it:

    I love Ron Paul on some things. I hate him on other things. Hide your kids, hide your wife!!!!!
    Lew Rockwell is a nutcase who spews "extremist and vile views." For example, Lew Rockwell doesn't like Churchill, Tony Snow, or the Constitution.
    Now everyone agrees that Lew Rockwell is a vile nutcase, right?
    Well, then get a load of this!
    The fact that Paul has worked with Lew Rockwell closely throughout the years because they, obviously, share a strong appreciation for limited gov't means Ron Paul = Lew Rockwell in all the aforementioned points.

    The most significant part, to me was this:

    "I spent several hours speaking with Ron Paul shortly after 9/11. He informed me that the Islamicist threat was a made up one, just as the Communist threat of the 1950’s and 1960’s was. He told me, to my face, in his own words, that Lew Rockwell and his people were the only ones calling a spade a spade: America did deserve what the Islamicists were trying to do to us, and if we simply learned to leave them alone, they would in turn leave us alone."

    David Bahnsen should have spent his time developing and spared us the rest.

    But, again, this is shallow because it just assumes the reader already agrees with the foreign policy of the democrats and neo-conservative republicans.

    Everyone already knows Ron Paul thinks America is partly responsible for 9/11 because of its imperialistic foreign policy. People supporting Ron Paul either agree with him (to various degrees) or else think the limited government, economically stable vision of Ron Paul outweighs a foreign policy that, while perhaps ideal, is simply unsustainable in the current context.

    Paul's views on 9/11, that Bahnsen sounds almost frantic over, is old news... by at least four years. Keep your pants on David Bahnsen.