Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The one true Bible

Unlike wayward Protestants, who wander hither and yon like sheep without a shepherd, Catholics have the one true Bible.

The Pope would never quote the NAB (nor will you usually find it being used in English translations of papal documents and speeches) for the very good reason that nobody outside the United States uses it — and the only reason it’s used even in the United States is that the USCCB sponsors it, holds the copyright on it, and insists that it be used for the readings at Mass. It’s a purely American translation. (And it’s not an especially popular one, either; many American Catholics refuse to use it outside of when it is required.) Most other Catholics in the English-speaking world use some version of either the NRSV or the Jerusalem Bible, depending on the preferences of the relevant conference of bishops.


  1. Gee, I thought the KJVOnlyists had the one true Bible :D

  2. I use the NKJV & the NIV. Is that wrong?

  3. EA said:

    "I use the NKJV & the NIV. Is that wrong?"

    Alas, I'm afraid this is a rather unpleasant situation!

    As Christians we might abide Arminians vs. Calvinists, paedos vs. credos, amils vs. premils vs. postmils, the 39 Articles vs. the Three Forms of Unity vs. the WCF vs. the LBCF vs. the Savoy Declaration. Perhaps we might further abide differences in translation philosophy such as formal equivalence vs. dynamic equivalence. In fact, we might even abide NT mss text-types and accept the NKJV uses the Majority Text which is in line with the Byzantine text-type tradition, whereas the NIV uses in large part the Nestle-Aland (NA27) critical text reliant on the Alexandrian text-type tradition.

    But I simply cannot see how we can stand for differences in the use of capital letters in pronouns signifying the persons of the Trinity vs. English translations which are far more stylistic according to the sound literary conventions of our fine language and wisely refrain from such improprieties! We should not have such half-blood let alone mudblood Bibles. The horror!

    And let's not get started on red-letter editions or single column vs. double column Bibles! I can already see the handwriting on the wall: both the NKJV and NIV would be tried and found wanting.

  4. Oh No!

    My NKJV is a red letter edition.

    What shall I do?!?!

  5. Give me my Douay-Rheims, I'm good.