Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ron Paul on Israel



  1. Hopefully, IF Ron Paul does seem to "hate" Israel, and like Palestinians, this will change when he is President, and is able to sit with Benjamin Netanyahu.

    And you know, not everything going on over there is cut and dry. But even if it was, America is in no place to help anyone, with "Banckrupcy" hanging in the wings, and reading to fall. Paul would for sure help us turn around, and begin the process of not spending, and getting a budget under the US Constitution.
    Not one of the others will do this, no way. They are politicians, not Statesmen.

    And no one is perfectly fit for the Presidency: -We have no Reagans, or Kennedys, that is genuine "Leaders". Paul is the closest we have, and he is the right man for the "Big Time Debt" this nation is in.

    And yet, after saying all that, I must also say Christ is sovereignly reigning as King of every nation, even now. He reigns from His throne in heaven, but He reigns nonetheless.

    One day, (soon I hope), Jesus will return, that's a truth that is settled, and just as for sure came the first time as a human baby, this time he will be the God-man, and reign In Person.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I needed to air out a little, hope you don't mind.

    And Have a Merry "Joy to the World! Our Lord has come! Let Earth receive her King!" Christmas

  2. I have to agree with donsands here- I'm not sure the other options are better.

    One concern I have about my hawkish Republican friends is that some of them seem to be unable to accept criticism about our foreign policy at all, as if we don't make any mistakes. This also comes into play sometimes regarding our allies. As if Israel never makes grievous errors, and that criticizing Israel automatically means playing into the "global propaganda campaign to delegitimize Israel."

    I am not on board with every aspect of RP's non-interventionism, but the hawkishness of the other candidates frightens me more.

  3. Well, I don't agree with nation-building. That was a predictable boondoggle.