Monday, September 19, 2011

Till Dementia Do Us Part

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  1. If I recall correctly, in the case of Philip of Hesse, Luther counseled against bigamy since it wasn't analogous to leprosy or any similar sickness.

    In a situation of Alzheimer’s, I suspect Luther might have allowed it (as a lesser of two evils). Whatever Luther might have permitted, NO Christian leader should ever recommend (or even allow as a possible choice) divorce where the spouse is merely sick. Pat gave terrible advice there. One that would lead to sin.

    I actually heard Pat say what he said when it was broadcast live and wondered if I heard him corectly. I suspect he just wasn't thinking through the implications of his statement since it would open up the possibility of divorce for any kind of sickness. But by his own admission, he said that he wasn't really the person to ask this question about, but rather an ethicist (presumably a Christian one). He needs to be so much more careful about his statements by giving the right qualifications and caveats.