Monday, June 27, 2011

Man overboard!

The glee evinced by the religious at his illness only reinforces, and exemplifies the close minded pettiness that so characterizes the religious mindset.

So, instead of gloating, instead of celebrating the misfortune of someone you don't like, you should pray to your god that Christopher gets well and ‘sees the light.’ When you gloat, when you show your arrogant beliefs and thoughts, you only damage your own cause.

That’s a hysterical cliché which infidels trot out when they find themselves unable to reason for their position.

You damage your own cause when you two exemplify and reinforce the irrational emotionalism that so characterizes the irreligious mindset.

But either way, keep in mind that he's paying for this experimental treatment.

Both he and Francis Collins are well-heeled. Why not sponsor a cancer patient who lacks their financial resources?
Whatever the outcome his participation will provide valuable data that those scientists will be able to use to improve this treatment. That improvement will help the teenager you are so concerned about.

If successful, it will benefit the test-patient now, and benefit a future teenage cancer patient down the line. It won’t benefit a current teenage cancer patient who didn’t get the same preferential treatment. For Hitchens to win, someone else must lose. Back to the lifeboat.

i find it rather sad that the atheist is risking what's left of his life to further this research and all you can do is ridicule him...

Risking his life? What a silly statement. He has terminal cancer. He's throwing a Hail Mary pass to save his life.

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