Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dan Corner's One-String Banjo

Out of the blue today Dan Corner wrote me anonymously [I googled his email address]:
Sir, it is great to see you reject the pre-tribulation rapture but do you believe in the teaching of once saved always saved (eternal security)? Thanks.
I wrote back:
Hi Dan,

And what is your name? [I] do not like to take the time and reply to anonymous individuals.
He writes back:
You answered by shouting to us there is something spiritually WRONG
with you! (No need to reply.)

Huh? You gotta love the Internet.


  1. Once sane, always sane? Apparently not.

  2. From his webpage, I found this amusing, in a very humble recitation of his published books:

    "1.The Believer’s Conditional Security, a complete 801 page Biblical refutation to eternal security, which is thoroughly documented. This book is the most comprehensive and exhaustive volume ever written. (It is available in softback, hardback and voice book.)"

    Yeah, you read that right: "This book is the most comprehensive and exhaustive volume ever written."

    But then the next book is this:

    "2. The Myth of Eternal Security (supplementing and reinforcing The Believer’s Conditional Security)"

    Because even the most comprehensive and exhaustive volume every written could stand some supplementation.

  3. At least he didn't pull a Joseph Smith, Jr. and claim that it's the "most correct book ever written".

    Gordon's comment reminds of the fun some of us had with Joel Osteen's book, "Your Best Life Now", which he ironically followed up with "Become a Better You".

    When the best just isn't good enough...LOL!

    I guess we shouldn't expect consistency to be a hallmark of someone who believes that eternal life isn't, well, eternal life.

    In Christ,