Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thou Hypocrite

Says Dave Armstrong of James White over at Peter Lumpkins' pad:

It's a pattern of years and years of hypocrisy: condemning things and doing the same things himself; saying one thing and doing another . . . it becomes more significant insofar as it is one thing of a long line of questionable practices

Yeah, Dave, like saying you won't address other bloggers or talk trash about them...

Update: Matt over at Peter's either didn't read this post or has a reading comprehension problem:

He writes:
Gene Bridges @ Triablogue followed up on this post.
Mr. Bridges is of the uber-Reformed variety. He also would like to dance to Duffy's "Mercy". Maybe Mr. Lumpkins is a hypocrite, at least according to Mr. Bridges, but maybe Mr. Lumpkins can be vindicated if he can also dance to "Mercy" by Duffy
1. No, I didn't follow up on Peter's post, Matt. I followed up on Dave Armstrong's comment on Peter's post.

2. My response is not directed toward Peter or anything written by him; it is directed towards Dave Armstrong. Dave accuses Mr. White of the very thing ("condemning things and doing them himself) that Dave has been doing for years on end with respect to a multitude of bloggers. I find that rather comedic.

I'm not defending James White - I'm not criticizing him either. I'm not defending Peter Lumpkins; I'm not criticizing him either. This post isn't about Peter Lumpkins, Matt - it's about Dave Armstrong and what Dave said at Peter's place. Peter is, to me, as inconsequential a person in my life as he ever was.

Oh, and for the record, I would much rather dance to the Ralphie Rosario mix of Donna Summer's Billboard #1 Dance hit, "Fame, the Game" than Duffy's Mercy. Duffy is sooo 2008. Donna Summer has much more staying power.


  1. Not to mention the hypocrisy of Lumpy's continual character assassination of James White, while not concerned in the least bit that Ergun Caner invented an entire biography.

    Lumpkins will face God's judgment for what he does. Armstrong will too (but then, who other than Armstrong doesn't already know that?).

  2. Daer Pater Pik

    Yu ur rite. I fazes judgmont. Buut knoo thes: all yu duz tooo.

    With that, I am...

  3. I wonder if it matters that Thomas Ice is on faculty at Liberty U. and he holds an unaccredited doctorate from Tyndale Theological Seminary.

  4. Put the bottle down Peter. You've had too much when your speech starts sluring ;-)

  5. It is interesting watching Lumpy meltdown in his own comments. He apparently really hates Triablogue. Be still my soul.

  6. Gene, Reformed can't dance, sorry bro.

    Last time I saw Donna Summer, she was handing out pamphlets for drag shows in front of the Crown & Anchor in P-Town.