Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whence & Whither American Presbyterianism?


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  2. Review said "American Presbyterianism became devoted to what is the United States of America, and that commitment entailed the dilution of the Reformed identity of the denomination(s)."

    There is a hidden assumption in this quote.

    One could argue that denominationalism, at least reformed denominatinalism (as a theological framework), is as far ( or near) to the bible as civic political activism.

    The hidden assumption here is that reformed denominationalism is preferable (presumably because it is inherently more biblical), but is it?

    There are two points that should underscore the questioning of this presupposition:

    Firstly, reformed identity can have as much influence in politics as theology. One could argue that this political influence is more practical, in terms of meeting the objectives of furthering the Gospel.

    Secondly, proximity to biblical thought (or justification) must be shown to be true in reformed denominationalism, just as it needs to be shown to justify the religious expression of political will. It cannot, or should not, simply be assumed. Even civic authority is ordained in heaven. The bible clearly shows that God is interested in, and invests in civic authority as it relates to the governance of His elect [1 Sam 8:7][1 Sam 15:26]

    Even if it's not clear IF a case CAN be made that somehow this proximity to biblical thought is somehow truer for some theological framework, than it is for religious influenced political governance, a case still needs to be made to support the presupposition.