Saturday, February 26, 2011

What You Can Find Here

We get new readers occasionally. Some of them are non-Christians who raise objections we've already addressed. And some of the people who aren't new to the blog may have missed some of our past posts or forgotten them. I think it's worthwhile to remind readers of the material we have here from time to time.

Here's a post from last year in which I linked to some of our material on a variety of topics. Since I was responding to an atheist in that post, I linked to some of our material on issues related to atheism. We have a lot of other material as well. Here's a collection of articles relevant to Roman Catholicism, for example. Here's a series of posts I did on why the Bible contains the books it does. And you can find a lot of other articles on a lot of other subjects by searching the archives.


  1. Very helpful post. The series on the New Testament Canon, for example, is one I am not likely to have found save for your mentioning it here as I have only recently learned of your site. I wouldn't have thought to even search for such a series here.

    It's always a challenge to know best how to introduce newcomers to a blog's archive material. You set a good example.

  2. It's also helpful to utilize an advanced Google search to get more specific results from the archives. Use site: in the search bar.

  3. Jason, I agree that there's a plethora of great posts that you and the other Triabloggers have posted. The problem is that the search feature on the upper left corner of the blog doesn't search the entirety of the archives. :(

    That's why I'm glad that you personally keep track of the url locations your posts so that when needed you can link them on a post according to topic.