Saturday, September 04, 2010

"Lee Strobel, You Are Just Plain Stupid!"

Lee Strobel, You Are Just Plain Stupid!
By John W. Loftus at 8/21/2010

I like Bishop John Shelby Spong. I've read a couple of his books more than a decade ago and they were eye-opening to me. He presents a superior case against Christian fundamentalism. Watch Spong in action below but take special note of how utterly stupid Lee Strobel is at the end. He merely repeats platitudes that Biblical scholars have long ago debunked. Sorry Lee but you are one ignorant man.

Loftus is one of those benighted individuals who's too self-absorbed to know he made a revealing statement when he makes it. Spong is just a hack who merely repeats platitudes by Fosdick, Harvey Cox, &c.

It shows what his real standards are, what passes for "scholarship" in his eyes, that Spong is a source of inspiration.

As for Strobel–it's true that he's just a popularizer. However, he interviews top scholars in the field.

And he himself has a law degree from Yale. So I seriously doubt he's just plain stupid.

Moreover, attacking Strobel makes no more sense than attacking Charlie Rose. It comes down to the guest, not the interviewer.


  1. "I like Bishop John Shelby Spong." -John

    I like him too. He at least is 100% totally ice cold. He is lost and needs us to ask the Lord to open his heart.

    Matthew wasn't wrong, and wasn't like some country preacher, who got it wrong. This Spong is in a bad way. Sad. And so John Loftus is in a bad way as well.

    Christ was born of Mary, a virgin, and He was Immanuel. If you don't believe this, then you are dead in your sins, or you are a new believer, who will come to believe it with all your heart full of joy.

    Have a blessed Lord's day!

  2. It's never really surprising when atheists like Christians that are as atheistic as possible.

  3. There's the ignorance, or non-comprehension of a Spong, but it's the aggressive arrogance and need to teach and proclaim their ignorance that I find, for lack of a better word, interesting.

    I think it comes down to this (and not surprising because it's how the Bible explains it): they are fighting against the light because they are engaging in something that the light is a threat to. In Spong's case...? I don't know his bio, but nothing would surprise me.

  4. Wonderful title there. Unlike you nasty Triabloggers, JWL always takes the high road.

  5. Loftus' schtick is wearing quite thin. I'm sure his loyal sycophants continue to get a rise out of his childish name-calling, but for one who fancies himself as leading the unwashed out of ignorance you'd think he'd drop that ineffective fallacious tactic. He's nothing but a boorish loud-mouth who thinks he's making himself look good by insulting others. The man just needs to grow up and realize he's not the center of the universe, despite what all his sycophants tell him.