Sunday, August 29, 2010

Martin Luther and Hector Avalos

(Posted on Steve's behalf.)

Hector Avalos contributed a chapter to TCD in which he tried to pin the blame for the Holocaust on Christianity, including Martin Luther in his roster of villains. Here's a corrective to his slanted treatment:
  1. "Luther and the Jews I: The Problem"
  2. "Luther and the Jews II: The Context"
  3. "Luther and the Jews III: Lessons"


  1. The Jews reject Christ as the Messiah. According to your system of beliefs, they thus merit eternal sorrow and damnation.

    If that is the case, throwing them into ovens and using them for medical experiments seems like a brief and even merciful form of punishment compared to what awaits them, no? What's the suffering of a few months compared to eternity?
    Maybe it will even inspire them to "come to their sense", no?

  2. i) We don't have the right to "punish" them. God hasn't give us that prerogative.

    ii) And, of course, that wasn't the motivation for the Holocaust. You're attempting to deflect the point of the post, which is a backdoor admission that Hector lost the argument. Nice of you to create diversion to help him escape, but we're not that easily taken in.

    iii) You're also insinuating, without benefit of argument, that damnation is equivalent to burning alive in ovens or vivisection, &c.

    We've often discussed the nature of hell at Tblog, so that won't work here.

    Like Avalos, you resort to demagoguery.

  3. Agreed, it was a dumb comment. It was too late for me to attempt to post something that made half-sense anyhow.