Friday, February 19, 2010

Pig in a pope

Mark P. Shea said:
You guys are pigs. I used to have a scintilla of respect for you. No more. In a more civilized age somebody would challenge you swine to pistols at dawn.
He also said:
Do not cast your pearls before swine.

There are two ways of drawing a picture of a pig. One is to draw a picture (and Hays/Bugay and Co have drawn a fine self-portrait).

The other is to draw a picture of a pig and write below it, "This is a pig."

You don't need to write that. All normal people can see the pigs here.

The oinking here does not require a reply from Catholics. It requires stony silence.
Hey! What's so wrong with pigs? What's Mr. Shea got against them anyway? What'd pigs ever do to him?

After all:
Pope Sergius IV (born in Rome, died May 12, 1012), born Pietro Martino Buccaporci, was Pope from July 31, 1009, until his death. The date of his birth is unknown. His birth name is believed to have been Pietro Martino (Peter Martin) Buccaporci. This name essentially translated to "Peter Pig's Snout." Pietro adopted the name Sergius IV upon accession to the pontificate.
And according to the May 10, 1984 edition of the Gainesville Sun:
Ma va! Porca miseria!


  1. --Ma va! Porca miseria!--

    Indeed. Gotta embrace the pigginess!

  2. Pigs provide good meat, but by that time, it's called ham. so I must say that perhaps you guys aren't pigs, you're hams. :D