Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Royal Expectations in Genesis to Kings"

"Royal Expectations in Genesis to Kings: Their importance for Biblical Theology" by T.Desmond Alexander.

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  1. As I was skimming through the piece:

    "Although modern trends in Old Testament scholarship have led many writers to reject the idea that the ‘seed of the woman’ refers to an individual, the case for such an interpretation remains strong, [33] especially if one takes into account J. Collin’s recent observations on the syntax of Genesis 3:15. [34]"

    What about Romans 16:20? Doesn't it apply this verse to the church? I'm not saying that it couldn't also refer to Christ. In fact, with its connection to Abraham and then to David whose descendant is interpreted through the latter prophets as being the agent of a restored creation, the reversal of the curse, I most certainly do.

    However, in light of Rom. 16:20, I think that it is best interpreted in the same way as Dan. 7, with Christ and His kingdom as the reference.